After much consideration, we at Repair Café Calgary have an unfortunate announcement to make.  While the public interest in our events has been great, we have not had enough volunteer interest to provide the level of service necessary to maintain our operations, especially at the organizational level.  Our small core of volunteers has been handling all of the organizational details for the group and all events for the past two years; due to personal commitments we need to move on from these roles. Sadly, we have not found anyone to take up the organizational responsibilities of our group, which means we may have to shut down the group’s operations.


This was not a decision we have come to lightly, and we would very much like the outcome to be different.  If anyone would like to take over the responsibilities of the group, we are happy to work with them on a handover of all assets, information, and resources. We would also gladly stay around to volunteer throughout a transition period.  If you are interested, please contact us!  We still believe in this concept, and would like to see it continue under new, sustainable, leadership if possible.


Regardless of how things turn out, we would like to thank everyone for the interest and support you have given us. If we have inspired even one person to learn more about repairs; if we have kept some items out of the landfills, then the past two year have been worth it.



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